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Assalamu Alaikum,

Over the past 14 years, our small masjid in Edgware has stood as a pillar of faith, unity, and service to our community. Through your unwavering dedication and the grace of Allah, we have been able to provide a variety of vital services that have touched the lives of many individuals.

Today, we stand at a crucial juncture in our masjid's journey. An extraordinary opportunity has presented itself—one that has the potential to safeguard our masjid's future for generations to come. The flat directly above our masjid has been offered to us, and we are excited to share that our offer has been accepted. This is a strategic move that holds immense promise for the continuity and growth of our masjid's mission.

We recognise that our masjid's space has been limited, hindering our ability to provide for the growing needs of our community. The acquisition of this flat would be transformative. In the long term, it would provide us with the much-needed space to expand our services, accommodate more worshippers, and offer an array of educational and community programs that will enrich the lives of young and old alike.

However, to realise this vision, we require your support. Your contribution can make an indelible mark on the history of our masjid. By pooling our resources, we can ensure that our legacy continues to shine brightly in the heart of Edgware.

We understand that these are challenging times for all, and your contributions to our masjid have always been cherished, no matter their size. We humbly request that you consider contributing to help us secure the flat above our masjid. Your generosity will not only be a financial contribution but a testament to your commitment to preserving our masjid's future.

With your support, we can take this significant step toward securing a more spacious and accommodating home for our community. We believe in the power of unity, and it is together that we can overcome any challenges and ensure a vibrant future for our masjid.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require more information. We would be honoured to share further details about this strategic purchase and its potential impact on our masjid and community.

May Allah bless you abundantly for your generosity and grant us success in this endeavour. We eagerly await your support and partnership in this noble cause.

With gratitude and hope,

JazakumAllah Khairun

Trustee of Edgware Islamic Cultural Trust

Joe SmithJoe Smith
18:57 08 Mar 22
Outside the Masjid you find a locked white door and a glass window which you can't see anything through. This is next to a newsagent/sweet shop/ grocery store.10 minutes before prayers someone comes and opens the door and you go through to a narrow area with shoe racks near the door and then two sinks for wudu. There is a toilet.The prayer room has nice bright red carpet and is probably big enough for around 5 rows of 8 worshippers. At the front there is a window, there is a TV screen , there are fans on the wall and ceiling fans. There are two or three book shelves with copies of Quran and leaflets and other books. There is a projector near the ceiling.The person leading prayers varies. The worshippers are friendly, there is a relaxed friendly atmosphere and although there is no sign inside the Masjid nor on the website of things like breakfast after Fajr, they are doing this at weekends with Fiqh class. Regular worshippers can have tea, coffee and chat.So a small friendly bright welcoming place to pray, not always unlocked..
Tareque M RahmanTareque M Rahman
01:58 01 Jan 22
Located next to Chandos Children Centre and a convenience shop. Always like their enthusiasm. Jumu'ah and daily five are held here. They arrange Eid at the Park every year.
14:05 26 Nov 21
Nice place
vergil wongvergil wong
06:01 26 Sep 21
Recently been coming here for Friday prayers. They are very informative and relevant to today's issues. The people here are friendly and welcoming. Wudu section is open and spacious.
Pasqual QuirinoPasqual Quirino
21:23 30 Jul 20
who can tell me at what time Kurban Bajrami is prayed